Order from the meat market one thick round steak with pocket for stuffing. Take one large onion and cut into thihn strips. Then take 3 bell peppers; red,yellow,and green for flavor and color.Slice 3 large mushrooms(optional). Cut off the ends of the bell peppers, clean out, cut in half sideways and cut into thin strips. In fry pan add 2Tbl. spoons butter and melt. Set at medium heat. Add the onions, bell eppers and mushrooms(if desired). Sautee' until tender. Fry 1LB. bacon crisp; drain. (we want to make plenty of sautee' ing. because half goes inside and the other half on top.) When the sautee' is tender cut bacon into small pieces (about 1/4") and mix with onions and peppers. Put half in steak, setting aside the other half. In large fry pan add:
2 TBSP.butter
2 TBSP. worcestershire sauce
2 pinches lemon pepper
3 oz. red cherry wine.
Blend well, set temperature to low to med. heat. Add steak and cook slow until done, turning once. Remove from heat, place on large platter, spread remaining sautee over top of steak; cut and enjoy! Don't forget to pour yourself a glass of cherry for dinner.

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